TELMA : Telephony for the hearing impaired

  • ANR Project
  • Description: This project, stemming from an INPG BQR, aims at the study and algorithmic development of original audiovisual functionalities for the use of hearing impaired people, and at the feasibility study of their integration in an autonomous telephone telecommunication terminal. The specific technical objective of the project is to exploit the visual modality of speech, on the one hand to improve speech sound denoising techniques (minimisation of environmental noise allowing a better exploitation of the auditory remains of the hearing impaired), and on the other hand, by implementing analysis/synthesis techniques for lip reading and gestures of the French Spoken Language (LPC). The LIG’s contribution to this project concerns the automatic recognition of speech and multimodal gestures. In connection with this project, L. Besacier is co-supervising a thesis student at the GIPSA laboratory, Nourredine Aboutabit.

Groupe d'Étude en Traduction Automatique/Traitement Automatisé des Langues et de la Parole