Bilingual corpora

Multilingual corpus

Multimodal corpus

  • RECOLA corpus: multimodal corpus (audio, video, physio) of natural and spontaneous social-emotional behaviours. This corpus was used for the organization of the two editions of the Audio Visual Emotion Challenge (AVEC) in 2015 and 2016 Participant: Fabien Ringeval
  • SPEECH-COCO corpus: description of images in natural language (increase of MS-COCO by adding speech) – Participant: Laurent Besacier

Sound and multimodal corpora for Intelligent Housing for Health

  • Cirdo-set corpus: corpus of calls for help recorded during the Cirdo project during falls in the DOMUS apartment – Participant: Michel Vacher
  • Sweet-Home corpus : corpus recorded during the Sweet-Home project in the DOMUS apartment of the LIG. This corpus consists of 3 sets, the multimodal corpus, the corpus of home automation controls and the interaction corpus (recordings of people interacting with the home automation voice control system). – Participant: Michel Vacher

Groupe d'Étude en Traduction Automatique/Traitement Automatisé des Langues et de la Parole