• ANR Project 2008 – 2011
  • Keywords: Categorization and search by image content, Multimodal learning and classification, Multilingual text data analysis, UNL
  • Description: The OMNIA project aims to filter documents containing text and images, in a context of large amounts of data, such as those found in intranets and on the Internet, and to present them to users in a content processing tool such as DocuShare (Xerox).
    The originality of the project is to work on 3 dimensions: image, text, emotion and in a multilingual context. The image and the text give rise to 2 categories relating to the informational aspects and to the specific emotional aspects (coming directly from the image, or relating to its perception expressed in the text). These two types of content will be treated independently (annotation then indexing and categorization), with learning techniques, and then merged at the level of the filtering and query tool. Their “primitives” will be linked to an interlingual representation of meanings based on English (UNL), paving the way for multilingualism in the “publication” of document categories, and the handling of questions in natural languages with UNL dictionaries.
  • Participants: David Rouquet, Christian Boitet, Valérie Bellynck, Hervé Blanchon, Achille Falaise, Jérôme Goulian, Jean-Philippe Guilbaud, Hong-Thai Nguyen , Didier Schwab
  • Partners: XEROX, Xerox Research Center Europe, Luca Marchesotti
    LIRIS, Ecole Centrale de Lyon, Liming Chen
  • Publications :
    • 2010, Achille Falaise, David Rouquet, Didier Schwab, Hervé Blanchon, Christian Boitet, Ontology driven content extraction using interlingual annotation of texts in the OMNIA project, workshop CLIA, COLING, Bejin, China
    • 2010, David Rouquet, Achile Fallaise, Didier Schwab, Hervé Blanchon, Vallérie Bellynck, Christian Boitet, Emmanuel Dellandréa, Ningning Liu, Liming Chen, Alexandre Saidi, Sandra Skaff, Luca Marchesotti, and Gabriela Csurka, Classifiation multilingue et multimédia pour la recherche d’images dans le projet OMNIA,workshop RISE, Inforsid, Marseille, France
    • 2009, David Rouquet and Hong-Thai Nguyen, Interlingual annotation of texts in the OMNIA project, LTC09, Poznan, Poland
    • 2009, David Rouquet and Hong-Thai Nguyen, Multilinguïsation d’une ontologie par des correspondances avec un lexique pivot, TOTh09, Annecy, France


Groupe d'Étude en Traduction Automatique/Traitement Automatisé des Langues et de la Parole