Séminaire Lorraine Goeuriot 1er Décembre 2016

Lorraine Goeuriot, maîtresse de conférences dans l’équipe MRIM, nous fera la présentation suivante le 1er décembre à 14h en salle 306.

Titre : Medical Information Retrieval and its evaluation: an overview of CLEF eHealth evaluation task

Résumé : In this talk, I will introduce my research activities in the field of medical information retrieval, and in particular its evaluation.
The use of the Web as source of health-related information is a wide-spread phenomena, and laypeople often have difficulties finding relevant documents. The goal of the CLEF eHealth evaluation challenge is to provide researchers with datasets to improve consumer health search. I will firstly introduce the task and the datasets built. Then I will describe some experiments and results obtained on this dataset.