Theses in progress

Students enrolled in an doctoral school of the doctoral college of U. de Grenoble

Houssein AHMED ASSOWE (Dir. H. Blanchon) Construction of linguistic resources for the computerization and statistical automatic translation of a poorly endowed language: The case of Somali.

Belén A. BAEZ MIRANDA (Dir. F. Portet & C. Garbay & S. Caffiau) Generation of stories from ambient data.

Thierry DESOT (Dir. M. Vacher & F. Portet) Custom voice control system in context

Maha ELBAYAD (Dir. J. Verbeek & L. Besacier) Cross-lingual image captioning using recurrent neural networks and attention models.

Zied ELLOUMI (Dir. J. Kahn & L. Besacier & Benjamin Lecouteux) Performance prediction for automatic speech recognition (LIG-LNE thesis)

Jibril FREJ (Dir. J-P Chevallet & D. Schwab) Combination of discrete and continuous knowledge for access to information through dialogue.

Elodie GAUTHIER (Dir. L. Besacier & S. Voisin of DDL Lyon) Automatic speech processing to assist in the description of African languages. Thèse soutenue et en cours de parution sur tel

Marwa HADJ SALAH (Dir. H. Blanchon & D. Schwab) Acquisition, exploitation and enrichment of a multilingual lexical resource for and through text clarification.

William HAVARD (Dir. L. Besacier & J-P Chevrot) Unsupervised methods on dense corpora to analyse the emergence of the lexicon in context

Emmanuelle KELODJOUE (Dir Jérôme Goulian & Didier Schwab) Extraction d’opinions pour l’aide à l’analyse multicritère de corpus oraux transcrits

Ngoc Tien LE (Dir. L. Besacier & B. Lecouteux) Advanced quality measures for speech translation. Thèse soutenue et en cours de parution sur tel

Liliya TSVETANOVA (Dir. V. Aubergé & P. Reignier) Increase a robot service “glu” socio-affective: become companion, the robot mediator in the social isolation of the elderly

Loïc VIAL (Dir. B. Lecouteux & D. Schwab) Attached models for text clarification and statistical machine translation.

Othman ZENAKI (Dir. L. Besacier & N. Semmar of CEA/Saclay) Projection interlingue d’annotations linguistiques à partir de corpus parallèles ou comparables.

Marcely ZANON-BOITO (Dir. L. Besacier & A. Villavicencio Univ. Essex, UK) Computational Language Documentation

Students enrolled in another doctoral school

Alexandre BERARD (Dir. O. Pietquin & L. Besacier) Learning from Post-Edition in Machine Translation – ED Univ. Lille – Lab LIFL

Pierre GODARD (Dir. H. Maynard & L. Besacier) Probabilistic Modeling for Multi-Level and Cross-lingual Alignments – ED Orsay – LIMSI

Theses recently defended (link to online manuscripts on HAL)

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