Traouiero : TRAduction : Outils Unifiés, Intégrables, Embarquables, et Ressources Opérationnelles (Translation : Unified, Integrable, Embeddable, and Operational Resources Tools)

  • ANR: “Emergence of products, technologies or services with high value potential”, 2010 Call
  • Keywords: operationalization, MT systems, language resources, MT services
  • Description: Traouiero is an Emergence project funded by the ANR over 2 years: 2011 and 2012.
    The Traouiero project aims to enable the operationalization of software tools and linguistic techniques and resources developed so far by GETALP as operational prototypes.
    The two partners of this project are our research team and the valorisation structure of UJF, Floralis.
    In the context of Web 2.0, GETALP proposed replacing the traditional paradigm of translation, a product that is expensive once delivered, with that of multilingual access, a low-cost service in the form of a subscription, allowing the collaborative increase in the quality of “pre-translations” produced automatically. A young company was created around this concept, AXiMAG, BU (Business Unit) of Floralis (UJF-filiale) from September 2009 to September 2010, and in the process of being set up as a SAS. AXiMAG is beginning to add value to GETALP’s research products and is in rapid need of “operationalized” versions and “scaled-up” resources. On the other hand, GETALP is working on multimodal phrase book MT, on smartphones, for poorly endowed language pairs, and has anticipated the possibility of making MT embedded in the Ariane-Y project.
    This project has 3 main parts, named Ariane++, iMAG++, and LING++, which each have a page in this site. At the beginning of the project, our research team has products or resources resulting from work carried out for a long time, and others developed in recent theses for each of these parts. There is currently a unique opportunity to operationalize the whole, by calling upon both highly experienced staff and 3 postdoctoral fellows very interested in the operationalization of the software created for their theses.
    Each of these 3 parts is accompanied by the partner of valorization, Floralis, which deals with the aspects related to the intellectual property, and the valorization.
  • Participants: Christian Boitet, Daniel Baud, Valérie Bellynck, Laurent Besacier, Hervé Blanchon, Francis Brunet-Manquat, Stéphane Donnet, Jean-Claude Durand, Emmanuelle Esperança-Rodier, Georges Fafiotte, Jérôme Goulian, Jean-Philippe Guilbaud, Mathieu Mangeot, Didier Schwab, Gilles Sérasset, David Cattaneo, Sylviane Chappuy, Mohammad Daoud, Achille Falaise, Ruslan Kalitvianski, Carlos Ramisch, Huyng Vo-Trung, Lingxiao Wang, Ying Zhang, Erwan Agaesse, Marwen Azouzi, Etienne Blanc, Abbas Malik, Hong-Thai Nguyen
  • Partners: Floralis


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