Intelligent Housing for People Assistance (non-funded team project)

Title : Intelligent Habitat for Home Assistance

(non-funded team project)

Project Type and Funding

This is a long-term research theme that aims to help people, usually elderly or in difficulty, living alone at home.

The RESIDE-HIS (2000-2002), DESDHIS (2002-2004) and DESDHIS2 (2004-2008) projects were used as pilot projects. ANR funding for the Sweet-Home (2009-2013) and Cirdo (2010-2014) projects has helped to advance and enrich this theme.The ANR VOCADOM project (2017-2021) is part of this theme.


Intelligent Housing; Smart Home; detection of distress keywords; speech recognition in remote conditions; recognition of everyday sounds; context recognition; ADL (activities of daily living); home automation; voice commands; contextual interaction; intelligent home automation control.


The original aim of the RESIDE-HIS project was to detect a state of emergency by sound analysis in the apartment with fusion of information from presence sensors and a fall sensor. The DESDHIS project focused on the recognition of calls for help and the classification of the person’s Activities of Daily Living, a variation in ADLs that could be a sign of an emerging health problem. The Sweet-Home project aimed to voice control home automation equipment in the intelligent apartment to assist frail people, using a specialized social link system between the isolated person and his family. The objective of the CIRDO project was the detection of falls by video analysis and the recognition of distress calls in this case. The VOCADOM project selected by the ANR in 2016 aims to carry out a voice command of home automation under realistic conditions of use: presence of noise in the apartment, presence of a visitor…

See also more details on the site corresponding to each project:

  • pilot projects: RESIDE-HIS / DESDHIS
  • the Sweet-Home project (scientific resp. Michel Vacher): SWEET-HOME
  • the CIRDO project (resp. scientific GETALP Michel Vacher): CIRDO
  • the VOCADOM project (scientific project Michel Vacher): VOCADOM

GETALP team participants

  • Michel VACHER
  • François PORTET
  • Benjamin LECOUTEUX
  • Solange ROSSATO
  • Véronique AUBERGE
  • Fabien RINGEVAL

Test platform

Currently, this project is based on the LIG’s DOMUS apartment (see below) and the Amiqual4Home platform.

Contact : Michel.Vacher


Groupe d'Étude en Traduction Automatique/Traitement Automatisé des Langues et de la Parole